Recurve Tuning Forks™

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You'd rather be doing anything other than tuning your rig. We get it. We designed Tuning Forks™ for fast, accurate limb alignment to the real three-dimensional center of your recurve. Get the confidence of knowing your limbs are truly on-plane and get back to shooting.

  • Unique, 3D Limbcentric™ design reveals the geometric center of your limbs for fast, accurate alignment to the limbplane and reduces errors due to parallax
  • Identify warped limbs & risers during the alignment process without needing additional tools
  • Cut post-shot noise and vibration (vs. misaligned bows)
  • Accurately adjust centershot, sight rail and front stabilizer for whole-bow alignment to the limbplane
  • Clear step-by-step guide
  • Made from a tough nylon polymer for increased durability and heat resistance
  • Individually inspected
  • Includes 2 Tuning Forks and 1 protective case
  • 118 x 70mm, approximate weight 54g