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Recurve Limbplane Alignment Toolset

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Five years in development. Over 30 prototypes. Tuning Forks™ are the first toolset of its kind for fast, accurate alignment to the real geometric center of your recurve. 

This is alignment done right. This is confidence, made visible.


Wanna know your limbs are aligned? Take a look. The 3D Limbcentric™ design shows you each limb's geometric center—called the limbplane. It's the optimal position for limb stability. And now that you can see it, you can use it for error-free alignment.


Less time at the workbench is more time at the range. With XAlign™ you'll quickly get both limbplanes aligned and working together in 3D space. 



    See your bow's optimal limb alignment in 3D. No parallax errors, no guesswork.


    Spot twisted limbs & risers during alignment—no additional tools required.


    Cut post-shot noise & vibration (vs. misaligned bows).


    Accurately adjust centershot, sight rail & front stabilizer for complete bow alignment.


    The quick and clear step-by-step manual won't leave you hanging.


Will I receive 1 or 2 Tuning Forks?

Like shoes or pants, they come in pairs. You'll get 2 Tuning Forks + 1 protective case per set ordered. 

Are they compatible with my bow?

Probably! They're designed to work with limbs from all the major recurve brands—even the really narrow ones.


If you have custom accessories installed on your limbs (vibration dampeners, limb skins, etc) extra care should be taken to avoid damage during use though.

How are they different from other methods?

Tuning Forks are unique in both design and method of use—they're a simple tool that solves a complex problem. Limb alignment is a puzzle. And now you have the picture on the box.

3D Design - Eliminates parallax errors by providing a visual reference for absolute center in 3D space.

Limbcentric - Uses only the geometric center of the limb—the limbplane—as reference for alignment. They do the work, they're the boss. No arbitrary holes or riser surfaces are used. It's called limb alignment, why use anything else?

XAlign - Get both limbplanes into alignment quickly and accurately thanks to the Limbcentric 3D design. Align the top of one to the bottom of the other, repeat. Done.

Are there any issues with limb clear coats?

Tuning Forks provide surprisingly consistent readings of limbs given the nature of limb coatings. The design of the arms allows for variation of the limb surface while maintaining accuracy—within reason. Limb damage, limb decals, or significant clear coat deformity might influence results. The manual covers the suggested method for checking limb surfaces for accuracy prior to adjustment.

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